How Reverse for Purchase Works

It’s never too late to own your dream home

Your next home should be as exciting as your future. With a Reverse for Purchase mortgage, qualified homebuyers can boost their home-buying power while eliminating the need to make monthly mortgage payments.*


How reverse for purchase works:

Work with your Reverse for Mortgage Expert to find out how much you qualify for and the funds you’ll need for a down payment
Look for a home to purchase and start the application process
Complete the mortgage process and own your dream home without the burden of monthly mortgage payments*

Where can the down payment come from?

    • Selling your current home
    • Liquid savings
    • Inheritance money
    • Proceeds from a divorce
    • Other verifiable funds

Borrower Qualifications

    • Must be 62+ or older
    • Property must serve as primary residence
    • Must maintain the property and keep current on property taxes, insurance, and any HOA fees

*Borrower must maintain the home and continue to pay property taxes and insurance.