Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for Me?

A reverse mortgage is a great solution for many, though not all. 

In the right situation, tapping into your home equity can be an incredible resource for finding new meaning and maximizing the possibilities of life.


Ask yourself:

  • What are my retirement goals? How close am I to accomplishing them?
  • Is my home meeting my needs?
  • How long can I live in my home?
  • Do i want to leave my home to my kids? Do they want that?
  • Would an unexpected expense take me off track?
  • Am I still working just for the money?  Is that how I want to fill my time?
  • Where will I be in 5 years? Where do I want to be?
  • What excites me about life?  Am I doing enough of it?
  • What dreams are left for me to chase?  What’s holding me back?


Your retirement years are precious.

What are you doing with them?  What could you be doing with them?

Want to stay in your home but need cash for monthly healthcare expenses?  You can use your reverse mortgage to eliminate your monthly mortgage payment* and get access to home wealth that has already been yours, creating additional cash flow to meet your retirement needs.

Have you always dreamed of retiring early and traveling the world?  With the help of a reverse mortgage, you can unlock your home equity and use the cash to fund the adventure of a lifetime.

Love your home, but it desperately needs repairs?  With the help of a reverse mortgage, you can use the funds from your loan to make necessary fixes and have cash left over to remodel and update your home, ensuring you can stay and enjoy your home forever or as long as you wish.

Other ways you could use your equity.

    • Maintain a line of credit (that grows) for health emergencies and surprises
    • Fill financial gaps in your retirement plan while avoiding selling assets/investments that are still growing
    • Retire early and pay for health insurance until Medicare kicks in
    • Pay for your children’s/grandchildren’s education or help your family navigate financial emergencies
    • Buy a new home without locking yourself into monthly mortgage payments*
    • Pay for short-term medical emergencies or long-term care
    • Create a set-aside fund to pay real estate taxes and property insurance
    • Eliminate credit card debt and avoid new debt (If you are considering debt consolidation consult with non-profit counselor)
    • Start a business or fund a passion project

Borrower Qualifications*

    • Must be 62+ or older
    • Property must serve as primary residence
    • Must maintain the property and keep current on property taxes, insurance, and any HOA fees